Status Page provider changed

We have changed our status page provider to to provide you with better status updates. If you subscribed to our status page previously, you will need to subscribe again.

The URL of our status page remains the same:

DripStat Infra now available for Kubernetes

DripStat Infra can now be used to monitor Kubernetes hosts. The latest version 3.9.0 allows deploying the agent as a Kubernetes DaemonSet.

Details on our blog post.

Java APM Agent 11.1.15 - Better MongoDB support

MongoDB drivers 3.7+ are now fully supported.

Easier access to Infra Integrations

Infra Integrations metrics have been moved to the top level navbar for easier access and organization.


Introducing MongoDB monitoring in DripStat Infra

MongoDB monitoring is now available 100% FREE in DripStat Infra

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.39.44-fullpage.png

Java APM Agent 11.1.11 released

Java APM Agent 11.1.11 released with lower overhead for monitoring Cassandra workloads.

Introducing HAProxy Monitoring in DripStat Infra

HAProxy monitoring is now available, 100% FREE, in the latest DripStat Infra agent release!

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Introducing RabbitMQ monitoring in DripStat Infra

Starting today, you can monitor RabbitMQ 100% Free in DripStat Infra! rabbit.png

Bugfix: Select 30 days in DripStat Infra for non-Pro users

A bug in the frontend prevented non-Pro users from selecting more than 1 hour time range for DripStat Infra. This has now been fixed.

Introducing PgBouncer monitoring in DripStat Infra

To go along with our recent Postgresql monitoring, we are today announcing 100% FREE PgBouncer Monitoring support in DripStat Infra!

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No published changelogs yet.

Surely Dripstat will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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