Bugfix release 11.3.0 for APM

Fixed calls to SQL statements categorized as 'other'. You should see full operation names now.

Agent Changelog:

Introducing redesigned JVM metrics view

All new view of JVM metrics in APM v2.

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Introducing APM v2 preview with Java 11 support

We have rethought APM. And of course we added that Java 11 support.

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Old Infra Agents expiring on Oct 1

Infra Agents < 6.0 will expire on Oct 1. Please upgrade your agents to get the new dashboard with 2 second resolution.

Google Cloud Instance Metadata support

Infra Agent 6.3.0 collects instance metadata for servers in Google Cloud

Introducing AWS EC2 Tag support

With EC2 tag support, you can now see user friendly names for your hosts throughout the Dripstat dashboard.

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Introducing the new Dripstat Server Monitoring

The next gen Server Monitoring from Dripstat is here with 2 second metric resolution. See it as it happens!

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Introducing 2 second metric resolution in Dripstat

We are pushing the limits of realtime observability with today's introduction of 2-second resolution metrics in Dripstat.

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Zoom into chart data for Kubernetes

When looking at Kubernetes charts, now you can zoom into your data by just clicking and dragging across the charts.


Support reading from secure port for Kubernetes Monitoring

If you were running into troubles installing Dripstat Kubernetes Monitoring agent on AWS EKS or Rancher deployments, this should fix it.