Introducing Detailed info for individual Kubernetes Entities

Now you can see detailed data for individual Pods, Containers and Nodes in your Kubernetes cluster

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Introducing 'Group By' for Kubernetes Monitoring

Now you can group and breakdown your Kubernetes metrics. Its how you always wanted to see your Kubernetes metrics, but never before could!


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Improvements to Kubernetes Monitoring

More goodies released today to help you get better insights into your Kubernetes cluster


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Introducing Dripstat Kubernetes Monitoring preview

The most detailed insights into your Kubernetes cluster. Slice and dice through your Kubernetes metrics and state with our next gen Kubernetes monitoring product!


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Introducing lower cost Dripstat APM 'Puppy' Edition

We noticed our competition offering a barebones APM at a much lower cost. We have decided to offer a more full featured offering at an even lower pricing.

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Introducing lower 'Per Base Host' APM pricing for Docker based workloads

Dramatically lower your APM bill! Now you can run unlimited containers per host and be charged just for the underlying host!

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Java APM Agent 11.1.16 - Bugfix update

Bugfix: Fixed bug in previous MongoDB instrumentation which caused issue with Transaction Trace display

Status Page provider changed

We have changed our status page provider to to provide you with better status updates. If you subscribed to our status page previously, you will need to subscribe again.

The URL of our status page remains the same:

DripStat Infra now available for Kubernetes

DripStat Infra can now be used to monitor Kubernetes hosts. The latest version 3.9.0 allows deploying the agent as a Kubernetes DaemonSet.

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Java APM Agent 11.1.15 - Better MongoDB support

MongoDB drivers 3.7+ are now fully supported.

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